Glasses with blue light filter, our opinion ?


Blue light glasses, opinion ... But what is blue light?

Blue light glasses

Sometimes opticians talk about blue light and its consequences to extol the merits of glasses designed to counteract its harmful effects. Blue light glasses have indeed been very fashionable in recent years, but opinions regarding their effectiveness diverge.

These are above all certain arguments often advanced to promote blue light glasses that most ophthalmologists consider exaggerated, even false.

But before we go any further and take a look at blue light glasses, let's take a look at what these glasses are supposed to protect us from this famous blue light in this case.

Blue light is so called when it is characterized by wavelengths shorter than those of the illuminant. But more commonly, we speak of blue light to designate the artificial light and that diffused by computer, tablet, television and smartphone screens.

Devices that are all around us, so many of us are regularly exposed, to varying degrees, to blue light. Indeed, it is estimated that we spend on average around 6 hours per day in front of a screen.

This artificial blue light mimics the blue light found in nature. Nevertheless, it penetrates our eye with more intensity. In this area, LED screens (OLED, AMOLED, etc.) seem to send it in greater proportions than LCD (liquid crystal) type screens.

There is therefore indeed a potential risk to be taken into account with blue lights, but further studies remain to be done to confirm all aspects. The danger of blue light concerns especially the youngest, even more infants.

In fact, the eyes of a child under one year of age bring more blue or blue-violet light into the retina, which makes it more vulnerable to its possible effects.

It would also be question of the involvement of blue light in AMD (age-related macular degeneration) in the elderly, but other factors would be implicated at higher levels. Tobacco is one of them because it accelerates cellular aging in general and that of the cells of the eyes in particular.

Blue light is also associated with the disruption of the sleep cycle in people excessively exposed to screens: gaming enthusiasts, computer workers ...

Ophthalmologists urge caution, especially with young children. Exposing them frequently and for a long time to sources of artificial blue light cannot, in all cases, be beneficial to them. They do, however, express some reservations regarding the supposed performance of blue light glasses.

What protection do blue light glasses really provide?

Is the danger of blue light being exaggerated to promote the marketing of blue light glasses? This is, in any case, what many ophthalmologists think.

The opinion of the latter is that the filter effect of blue light glasses can stop only 20% of blue light. Estimates that are significantly lower than those advanced by some manufacturers and distributors of blue light glasses, being of the order of 30 to 40% according to them.

There is therefore a protection provided by anti-blue light glasses, but it is generally less extensive than what is advertised.

How do blue light glasses filter radiation?

In their overall structure, blue light glasses are distinguished from prescription glasses only by the additional treatment they undergo.

The basic material used for the design of anti-blue light spectacle lenses is the same as that used for prescription glasses. But blue light lenses are treated to reflect a certain percentage of this radiation (around 20%, therefore).

In this way, this reflected blue light does not reach the eyes and more specifically the retina.

But do blue light glasses protect against eye strain, one of the most common annoyances that people who work at a long time at the computer encounter? Rather, it would be the extra effort of concentration involved in working on a screen that would be incriminated.

In addition, the high concentration that we have in front of a computer screen or when using our smartphone for a long time tends to reduce the frequency of eye blinks.

However, we know that the blinking of the eyes plays an essential role with regard to eye health and performance. Quite simply because they promote hydration of the eye and ensure it, during these very brief closures, repeated moments of rest.

The opinion that glasses specifically designed to block blue light from screens can effectively provide a lasting response to fatigue and dry eyes, is therefore not shared by all ophthalmologists.

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