Karl Lagerfel without glasses : We have exclusive pictures


Until his death on February 19, 2019, Karl Lagerfeld made it a point of honor to maintain his "personage" and this mysterious side that characterized him.

Nothing was left to chance by the German designer, one of the most influential in the world, regarding his image and look.

From the black suit with the very high collar, through the ponytail, the white shirt and the mittens, the style of the great fashion designer Karl Lagerfel was unique until in every detail.

The black glasses were an extremely important component.

The Kaiser took care, in fact, systematically to hide his gaze behind sunglasses with black glasses.

He also sometimes opted for sunglasses with gradient or mirror effect lenses, and this, from the 1970s.

Through Fendi and Chloé, whose Céline Roland Opticien Lunetier has selected for you the most beautiful models of sunglasses, as well as Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld has always left her visionary, innovative and elegant mark on his creations.

The designer in the black sunglasses was also known for his temperament and his outspokenness, which went perfectly with his stern look and stance.

In his 60-year career in fashion, Karl Lagerfeld has built a reputation as a man of principle and does not hesitate to arouse controversy through his comments and positions.

So sunglasses have always been part of his outfit and he has explained the reasons on various occasions.

In an interview from 2012, Karl Lagerfeld confided that, during his childhood, his glasses had protected him when he had received an accidentally projected glass of whiskey.

He considered that his glasses had then prevented him from losing an eye.

Since then, he has worn it regularly.

You also couldn't see Karl Lagerfeld without black glasses because he thought they were "like wearable eye shadows".

The sunglasses allowed him to see the world and people differently: more beautiful for the former, younger for the latter.

He, who never had his tongue in his pocket, evoked another reason for the fact that he wore black sunglasses: his wish not to "expose [...] to the populace" his "good dog look", which he associated with myopic.

What did the Kaiser look like without his sunglasses?

Nevertheless, Karl Lagerfeld appeared without his sunglasses on more than one occasion. The pictures showing the eyes of the fashion icon have all caused a sensation.

We obviously could see Karl Lagerfeld without glasses at his beginnings in fashion, in particular when he worked for the couturier Jean Patou in the 1950s Young, striped suit and no ponytail ...

Karl Lagerfeld without glasses a rare photo

Also in the photo below, we can see Karl Lagerfeld without glasses, simply posing with a pair of scissors over one eye.

Karl Lagerfeld without his sunglasses

It was in the late 1970s that Karl Lagerfeld began to wear his sunglasses to each of his public appearances.

He thus hid his gaze behind glasses with black lenses, but also models with gradient or mirror effect.

Her look has gradually evolved, as has his body. His spectacular weight loss hit the headlines during the 2000s.

In addition to his steadfast black glasses, Karl Lagerfeld completed his style with his mittens and collars reaching almost to the chin.

In March 2015, during an evening organized in his honor on a yacht in New York, Karl Lagerfeld once again appeared without glasses among his guests.

Karl Lagerfeld at the opera without his glasses

More recently, and a few months before his disappearance at the age of 85, Karl Lagerfeld was seen without glasses in September 2018 alongside Jo Squillo.

A photo of the Kaiser wearing aviator frame eyeglasses has been posted on the Instagram account of the singer and presenter of Italian television.

Karl Lagerfeld without glasses

The following month, as part of Fashion Week in Paris and during the Chanel collection spring / summer 2019 fashion show at the Grand Palais, Karl Lagerfeld signed one of his last appearances without sunglasses. Here too, he was wearing eyeglasses.

Karl Lagerfeld without glasses

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