Protection of personal data

What is the purpose of this policy?

The purpose of this policy is to inform the users on how their personal data are collected, processed and used, as well as the rights conferred on them within the framework regarding the applicable provisions.

When do we process your data?

Your personal data are collected and processed entirely or in part during your navigation on the website and during the entry of your data in data gathering forms appearing on the website, and more broadly in the context of your relationship and your subsequent exchanges with the company.

Essentially, your data are collected directly from you in the hypothesis above-mentioned.

In addition to this information, you are aware that the data we collect and process about you might be expanded by us, in particular for commercial, prospection, communication or marketing purposes, by the use of external information resources (social media, public data, file renting, …).

What type of data do we collect?

Different categories of personal data about you can be collected, in particular the following ones:

Identification data: data such as your title, first name, last name, your contact information (email address, phone number, mailing address),…;

Your historic of navigation on the website, including information related to the traceability of your actions and interactions with the website, as well as location data (location of the IP address for example), data related to your device or tracking data concerning your actions regarding the email we might send you (opening, clicks, …);

Data related to the monitoring of your relation with the company: contact request, information request or documentation, correspondences exchanged, data related to the transactions made and related to the payment methods, economic and financial data, data related to family situation, personal perhaps professional, subscribed services/products ordered and details, orders historic, data related to invoice payments, data needed for loyalty operations, prospection, studies, surveys, product tests and discounts, …

Your information and documents (CV and cover letter) communicated as part of applications to a job, as well as the information we can collect for this purpose as part of recruiting operations (academic and university careers, experiences and career paths, information related to professional life broadly speaking, financial and economic information, information related to personal life if appropriate, …)

Is data collect mandatory?

On the website, you are informed on every personal data collecting form, of the mandatory nature of the answers, and more broadly of information collected, by the indication of an asterisk next to the field(s) concerned. In absence of asterisk, the information is optional.

When mandatory information is lacking, the demand linked to the collect of data (for example: online order, information request, application, …) might not be processed or the processing might be delayed.

What purpose are your data collected for?

Depending on the cases, the company processes your collected data via the online website entirely or in part for the following purposes:

The management, the process and the monitoring of your requests and of your exchanges with the company through the website (for example: contact request, information or documentation request, applications, …), and of the relationship of the company with its contacts (clients, leads, …) broadly speaking;

The management of your relationships with the company concerning the contracts, orders, invoices, payments and transactions (including delinquency and litigation management, and the accounting associated) as well as the availability of a private place;

The realization of prospection operations, of solicitation and communication (emails including newsletters and paper mail, telemarketing, targeting, segmentation and personalization of the exchanges, communication about job offer);

The management of the implementation of commercial operations, communication and marketing operations by the company broadly speaking;

The monitoring and the processing of the applications and the operations pre-recruitment, including the evaluation and the selection of applicants and professional profiles, especially by the mean of the creation of a candidate file, but also by using recruitment methods for certain types of jobs (offers corresponding to your profile could be addressed for this purpose);

The access and the benefits of the functionalities provided by the website;

The understanding and the study of the use of the website by users and their navigation behavior with the aim of improving the online communication;

The improvement and optimization of the quality and the functionalities of the website;

The realization and the preparation of studies, analysis, reports and statistics;

The management and the processing of the requests from users of the website, and more broadly of the contacts of the society, aiming at exercise of their rights about personal data protection;
The respect of the legal and regulatory obligations resulting in the activity of the company.

Depending on objectives pursued, the basis of such personal data processing can vary. More generally, the processing are necessary:

For the management, the processing and the monitoring of your requests towards the company (especially answers to information requests, processing of orders and transactions, application study, …), these operations might be in specific cases described as necessary operations for the implementation of a contract you are part of (as part of an order online for example) or pre-contractual measures taken under your request (as part of the application to a job for example);

For the pursue of the legitimate interests of the company as part of the management and the monitoring of its relations, commercial especially, with the users of the website, and more broadly with its contacts, and for the implementation of its marketing operations, of prospection and communication in general;

For the respect of the legal and regulatory obligations imposed to the company.

To whom are your data disclosed?

Your personal data are destinated to the services and authorized personal of the company and other groupings and entities the company belongs to.

Data can be communicated for specific purposes above-mentioned, and only if the communication is necessary to eventual service providers and partners, commercial and contractual, who might intervene as part of personal data processing aforementioned.

Furthermore, your data might be communicated to any person or agency lawfully authorized to have access to them, particularly in specific instance of request from judicial, police or administrative authorities.

It is stated that the intended recipients aforementioned are not necessarily the recipients of the entire set of your data, but only the ones necessary to the ends implying such a communication.

How long will we keep your data?

Unless otherwise specified:

Your data collected and processed by the company is kept during a period of three years from your last contact with the company (online request, email or letter, phone call, newsletter subscription, click from an email addressed to you by the company, participation to an event, …) or the end of your contractual or commercial relationships with the company;

The credit card data are only kept during the time necessary to the transaction;

The data related to your applications are kept during a period of maximum one year.

It is stated that the entire range of data can be kept for a longer period than aforementioned:

Either after your agreement;

Either as an archive, to answer the eventual legal and regulatory obligations imposed to the company or during the legal deadlines of prescription or opposition (cf. payements).

The lengths of the above-mentioned storage have been defined so as to allow us to process your requests (information, orders, contact, …) and/or to successfully implement our commercial operations of communications, marketing and recruitment, while respecting the principle of proportionality according to which the personal data cannot be stored longer than the length necessary to the realization of the purpose of the collection.

What are your rights?

In accordance with the legal and regulatory applications, you have a right of interrogation and access to your data.

You also benefit from a right of correction or deletion or limitation of the processing of your data to some extent, as well as from the right of portability of your data.

You have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data as well as the right to oppose to the use of your data for prospection especially commercial.

You have the right to define the general and/or particular guidelines related to the fate of your personal data and the way that you want your rights to be enjoyed after your death. In this context, in the event of death brought to our attention, your data would be deleted, except for storage necessity during a determined period of time for reasons implying legal and regulatory application and/or legal deadlines (prescriptions), and after having been communicated to a third party eventually designated by you, if need be.

All request implying the exercise of these rights, as well as all information requested about personal data protection have to be addressed to:

In order to protect the confidentiality of your personal data, the company must ensure your identity before responding to such a request. Also, for all request implying the exercise of these rights, a copy of an identity document with a signature will be requested.

Some online forms on our website offer to the users the opportunity to enter their phone number. The user who does not wish to be subjected to prospection especially commercial prospection by phone call is informed of his right to subscribe for free to the national listing for the opposition to phone solicitations, accessible on the website:

Remember: In any case, you have the possibility to introduce a claim to a national authority in charge of the personal data protection (in France, it is the national commission on computer technology and Freedom (CNIL) if you consider that the processing of your data is not realized inconformity with the provisions applicable.

Cookies and other tracking technologies

Cookies and other similar tracking technologies (below “cookies”) may be installed and/or read in your browser during your visit on the website.

What are the measures implemented to guaranty the safety of your data?

Ambitious to guarantee the safety of your data, the company takes all the precautions and useful as well as appropriate measures, whether they are physical, rational, technical, functional, administrative or organizational, regarding the state of knowledge, the implementation costs as well as the nature, the scope, the context, the purposes of the processing, the risks whose degree of probability and gravity varies, for the rights and the liberties of natural persons, to preserve the safety and the confidentiality of the data and guaranty a level of security adapted to the risk, and particularly in order to prevent them from being deformed, damaged or transmitted to any unauthorized parties.

Given all the difficulties associated to the exercise of an activity on internet and the risks associated to the transmission of data electronically, however the company cannot be held to an obligation to achieve results.  

In the event of difficulties, the company will do its best to address the risks and will take all the adapted measures in accordance with the legal and regulatory obligations (corrective actions, inform to the national authority in charge of the personal data protection and the individuals concerned, where appropriate, …).

In the event of subcontracting of a part or of the entire processing of personal data, the company contractually request security guarantees to their subcontractors, especially guarantees of confidentiality as it concerns personal data they can access (technical and organizational measures adapted to the protection of the data).

What is the fate of your data on the website of a third-party?

Some links on our website can lead you to different websites from third-parties, externally to the company.

In this respect, your attention is drawn on the fact that the protection policies on personal data of those websites might be different from the one of the companies.

Also, it is recommended in all cases, to read the protection policies concerning personal data for every website concerned.

In any case, the responsibility of the company will not be engaged in cases implying data processing realized via one of those websites in accordance with the legal and regulatory applications.

How to stay informed of the updates of the policy?

This policy of personal data protection is susceptible to be modified and adjusted at any time.

In the event of a modification or of an adjustment, the new policy will be posted online on the website in the dedicated space. Furthermore, all the personal data collecting forms appearing on our website include a link towards the policy.

We invite you to consult it regularly.