Replacement of contact lens

Céline Roland Opticien Lunetier makes available a service of lens replacement of quality. You can choose this service at any given time if you wish to keep your eyeglass frame while changing your vision correction or replace the contact lens because of their deterioration.Contact lens replacement: providing the best quality service to you

At Céline Roland Opticien Lunetier, clients’ satisfaction is our top priority. We contract the best French glassmakers in order to provide the best quality service, in accordance with our clients’ expectations. Our objective is to make everything within our power to ensure your disposal of optical glasses and sunglasses equipped with ophthalmic lenses adapted to your vision bringing the optimal visual comfort you deserve. Before sending to you your pair of glasses, we make sure that they meet your needs and expectations in every way. The replacement of contact lens is part of our commitments to our clients, as well as the  easy return process, the guarantee of authenticity of our products and our approval from Health Mutuals and Social Security

You want to change your contact lens? Our professional partners of the optical glassware will take care of it:

  • Without regard to the form of the eyeglass frame: round glasses, rectangular, aviator, vintage, mask or heart
  • Whether it is glasses or sunglasses
  • Whether the sunglasses are polarized or not

The replacement of the contact lens whether it concerns women glasses, men glasses, children glasses or sport glasses, is always conducted in a safe and skillful manner, according to the rules, no matter what type of glass it is.

How to change sunglasses contact lens with Céline Roland Opticien Lunetier?

We assure you a service of the highest quality to replace your contact lens, and to do so, the procedure is simple. You need to follow the different steps below:

  • Choose the corrective lens you need
  • Send us your pair of glasses, as well as your prescription to our store:

Céline Roland Opticien Lunetier
6 Rue du Stade
68400 Riedisheim

Later, a professional French glassmaker among the ones we work with will manufacture your lens. When received, our laboratory will proceed to the mounting of the lens on your frame.
Finally, we will send you your glasses equipped with your new lens.

Do not hesitate to contact us  to benefit from our service of lens replacement, as well as for any other demand and need for further information.