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There are 2 classes for optical equipment:

  • Class A, which is without any out-of-pocket expenses (100% Healthcare offer),
  • Class B, for which prices are freely set (excluding the 100% Healthcare offer).

Class A, "100% Healthcare Basket" equipment:

Within the 100% healthcare basket, we offer:

  • Frames complying with European standards, priced at or below €30.
  • 17 different models of frames for adults and children, available in 2 different colors, along with 10 models of children's frames in 2 colors.
  • Lenses (thin, anti-reflective, and anti-scratch) addressing all visual impairments.
  • Prices are capped.
  • Revalued social security reimbursement rates specifically focused on this class to ensure the quality of the provided equipment.
  • Responsible contracts must fully cover these starting from 2020.

Class B, equipment other than "100% Healthcare":

Within the free 100% healthcare basket, we offer:

  • Free pricing.
  • Coverage of frames up to €100 by supplementary insurers.

Provision of 100% Healthcare equipment
Since January 1, 2020, we showcase at least 17 models of frames in 2 different colors for adults and 10 different frames for children, also available in 2 colors, priced at or below €30 (maximum selling price), within the 100% Healthcare basket. These models and the included services are available for beneficiaries of the Solidarity Health Supplement (C2S) at the same rates as other insured individuals since January 1, 2020.

These models are available for trying on in our store at 6 Rue du Stade in Riedisheim.

Explore our selection of prescription glasses directly on our website

Moreover, since January 1, 2020, we are obligated to provide you with a standardized quote for the 100% Healthcare offer.

To receive your standardized 100% HEALTHCARE OFFER quote, please email us at

The total cost ranges from €95 to €265 for a single-focus 100% Healthcare equipment or from €180 to €370 for progressive lens 100% Healthcare equipment.

For a 100% Healthcare equipment with frames and lenses, for a patient with a low prescription, the maximum cost is set at €95, including €30 for the frame for single-focus lenses, or €180 for progressive lenses. The reimbursement is covered 100% by Health Insurance and supplementary insurance.

Additionally, the maximum cost for 100% healthcare equipment is €265 for single-focus lenses and €370 for progressive lenses in the case of very high prescriptions.

Possible "mixing" between 100% Healthcare optical basket equipment and others:

Patients also have the option to "mix" the optical equipment they wish to acquire, meaning they can choose lenses with no out-of-pocket expenses and a frame outside the 100% Healthcare basket or vice versa. Reimbursement will be made according to the conditions

specified in their supplementary insurance contract, up to €100, with a potential chosen out-of-pocket expense.