the passion for beautiful glasses!

During my 10 years of experience, I had the occasion to discover the world of glasses designers and the richness of their talent. As many of us, I used to hate the visit at the optician. Now, I realize to which extent a simple pair of glasses can become the object of desire, revealing a sense of style and disctinction.


This object is able to strengthen the shape and the style of the person wearing it. It has a significant communicative power. I thought the CELINE ROLAND OPTICIEN LUNETIER universe as a place where clients have the privilege to find the perfect pair of glasses which were definitely made for them.

Exchanging, listening and advising are according to me the essential and required qualities to help you finding the best and most adapted glasses. It is about sharing emotions and precisely analyzing the visual needs and the aesthetical need. A pair of glasses can shape a face, but it can also transform it.

My objective is to advise a person by suggesting subtle and awesome glasses, which will sublimate their face without disguising it!

At CELINE ROLAND OPTICIEN LUNETIER, we take the measures of your face as one might do at the tailor shop, and we suggest frames according to your facial features without neglecting your wishes and tastes. We do custom-made but always from a “couture” perspective. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, I use my expertise on the medical dimension to offer the best selection of spectacle lenses!

Five years after the opening of my first store in Riedisheim, I decided to launch my online shop. Many of you contacted me on social media to find you the glasses that would fit you the best! To better answer your expectations, I decided to start a new adventure: www.celine-opticien-lunetier.com

My biggest concern: that the website is the most accurate reflection of my store so that the client feels at ease. In fact, the choice of a pair of glasses has to be a pleasure and our qualified opticians do everything they can to provide you with the best advices in the best possible conditions.

There is no doubt on the traceability of the products. As an official reseller, we guarantee 100% authentic glasses certified by the manufacturer.

At Céline Roland Opticien Lunetier, the pair of glasses suits you and you suit the glasses as well.

celine roland


Mulhouse's store

14 Rue Louis Pasteur, 68100 Mulhouse (FRANCE)
Phone number : +333.

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Riedisheim's store

6 Rue du stade, 68400, Riedisheim (FRANCE)
Phone number : +333.

Monday - Saturday
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