Authentic products guaranteed

Céline Roland Opticien Lunetier only sells authentic and guaranteed products. Each product available in our store and on our website at your disposal directly comes from the brand or an authorized distributor. Purchasing glasses from Céline Roland Opticien Lunetier, it is the insurance of acquiring a high-end product whose authenticity is guaranteed.

Authentic products provided by the greatest brands

The goods sold on our website are guaranteed 100% authentic.
To ensure the highest levels of quality you are entitled to demand, we only buy from large brands and/or authorized French distributors.
Authentic guaranteed products, it means that each model of glasses, sunglasses and ski masks selected by us must correspond to highest security, comfort and design standards.  Céline Roland Opticien Lunetier assures to be an official retailer of the greatest brands.

The insurance to dispose of a high-end original product

Our products come with all the elements proving their authenticity. The glasses we sell are delivered in the branded boxes with their certificate of authenticity.
All our products are delivered in their original boxes, with all the branded accessories included (case, cloth, …).

The website Céline Roland Opticien Lunetier only sells authentic and guaranteed products. 

We are only supplied through official channels. We only buy on verified and official channels to ensure an optimal traceability of every product.
We also sell the glasses in our store in Riedisheim, where you can find all the greatest brands.
By applying all these measures, we succeed at providing authentic guaranteed products, carefully selected among the most famous brands.
The website Céline Roland Opticien Lunetier acts as guarantor of the authenticity and the quality of their products.